That’s just typical

I was on my way to my daughters for the Christmas holidays, heading north on the M42. As I approached the junction where you have to take the exit to stay on the M42, a black BMW cut me up at speed (I was doing 70).

I was so busy flashing headlights and sounding the horn that I missed the exit and ended up on the toll road – it cost me £4 in fees and 20 minutes on my journey.

Over the next two weeks I twice had to brake sharply because a BMW ignored the rules on priority and overtook a row of parked cars at speed. (We no longer have right of way, we have priority).

My wife and I then had a close shave when a car did not stop at a zebra crossing, you guessed it – another BMW. Based on these encounters I now consider BMWs something of a road hazard, as they clearly have no regard or consideration for other road users or pedestrians.

I am thinking of starting a petition to ban the import of these vehicles, raise a protest so that the council and government will have to do something about it.

It is evident that all BMW drivers are inconsiderate and should be punished.

Does this sounds a bit over the top?

What has happened here is that based on my experiences I have formed a stereotype.

After the first experience I then noticed the others and made the association. Some of you will read of my experience and agree with me because you too have had similar encounters with a BMW, some of you will now, because I have put the idea in your head.

There are people out there who have had experiences of church or watched TV soaps and news who will have developed a view of church and Christians that is a stereotype.

There are people inside churches who have developed stereotypes of other Christians or older Christians. (I watched a really funny episode of Top Gear where they modified a car to make it suitable for old people based on a lot of stereotypes).

The point of this article is twofold:

  • Be careful about the stereotypes you form, because people and situations are far too complicated and varied.
  • Don’t conform to the expected stereotypes – you are unique and whatever age you are, God still has a plan and purpose for you.

If only I could figure out why, whenever I am stuck in a queue of traffic, that the car in front is a Toyota?