Reflections from Olympic Park

Sitting in the stadium, on the middle Saturday night of the Olympics, soaking in the atmosphere with the sun setting and a kaleidoscope of colour decorating a fading blue sky. All of this just enhanced the atmosphere and experience for those who were there that night, for as the events unfolded something special was about to happen, other nights would also be special but this one wasn’t equalled until the middle Thursday of the Para-Olympics.

Each time a British athlete appeared to compete in a race the decibel levels rose to a point that it could be described as dangerous to your ears and it also created so many memories that it was difficult to take them all in. When Greg Rutherford, Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah won their gold medals everyone who was there stood in amazement and were lost for words and they needed to see the replays just to refresh themselves on what they were part of with 80000 others and countless millions watching elsewhere.

Also the Olympics and Para-Olympics have been breaking all sorts of attendance records, and many visitors visited the park just wanting to revel in these special times that it created and because it gave everyone a memory to take home with them.

The Olympics and Para-Olympics have left a mark on our nation, along with the Diamond Jubilee; they have created something that hasn’t been evident for a while, a sense of community and togetherness.

There has been much talk of the legacy these games will leave but will it be one that will last and what will happen after the show has left town and the media hype has dwindled into oblivion? Will the efforts of the athletes, coaching and support staff, organisers, and games maker volunteers be mirrored in society or will it just vanish into thin air? It is down to you and me to carry it forward.

Perhaps we need to think of the legacy as one which we as God’s people can be part of and by focusing on the Lord we can have a closer walk with Him. He needs us to be salt and light in a world which has lost its way. It is exciting to think that every time we step outside our front door we can be serving our Saviour simply by being his people to family, friends and neighbours we meet them in the street.

We need to follow the athlete’s legacy of determination, dedication and discipline in being a disciple and to follow the calling of the great commission. Then we will see how the Lord uses our obedience to His glory.