Opening Ceremony

The Stranger stood in the shadows of the stadium
Unnoticed by the spectators as they walked by
So engrossed with expectation
As the clock counted down towards the hour
For the event that had been years in the planning to begin
He moved amongst them as their anticipation grew
Yet amidst all this passion He felt pain in His heart
Because the question that was unanswered
Had they come not to glorify the Father?
Or to praise the achievements
Of the athletes who were about to compete
Yet as the bell tolled and the ceremonies commenced
A thread was woven into the tapestry of the day
That there is a way which brings hope
Even when in each competition there is only one winner
Many will receive a blessing from taking part
And the accolade they had done their best
But as the excitement reached a crescendo
The realisation began to dawn
Each one was made in the image of the Father
And it was He who had given them the skills
To achieve the required standard
But it is only He who gives greater benefits
Than any winning any competition can
Why oh why are so many of God’s people
Lacking the desire to heed the call
To be passionate in living for the Father
In the same way as an athlete
Is when training to win a medal
So when are God’s people?
Going to turn back to Him
Humble themselves and pray
So that their land
Can receive healing from their Lord
Or are they going to be swept
Along with the tide
That is the Olympic Games?
Here for a while
But then gone for a time
Leaving memories which will fade
And a line in the record books
Yet the Father has something to give
That is greater than any medal
Or life expectancy
A gift that will last for eternity.

© Mike Bartrop 27.07.2012