My ultimate spiritual goal is … ?

As we live in a world where Twitter has restricted information to 140 characters, we thought it would be interesting to apply this format to a list of ‘Ultimate Spiritual Goals’

We would like to make an anonymous list of these ‘tweets’ to show the variety of our goals in our walk of faith. The list may be published.

Please finish the sentence “My ultimate spiritual goal is …”

Use a maximum of 140 characters … not including the first 5 words!

This is a way of looking at your life that may be useful to you. There are no ‘correct’ answers.

You may like to do the exercise in a small group and share your goals.

If you would like to share in our larger group please email your goal to Eddie James (eddie.james @ by 17 May. You can also tweet it to us @cvm50plus or post it on our new CVM 50 Plus Facebook page.

Many thanks for taking part in this venture.