Hour of Listening

On 12th June more than eighty Christian leaders from throughout the UK gathered alongside Parliamentarians for an hour of listening to God in silence in Parliament. Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics, and Christian leaders from a wide cross-section of ministries were present. Following the time of silence they all had an opportunity to share what they believed they had heard. The following is a short summary of that feedback:


  • God’s appointed time to judge the nations of the world is very nearly upon us. Our nation, and its church have turned away from God and His standards and we are beginning to see and feel the resulting judgement.
  • A remnant of Britain’s covenant past, its Christian heritage and the good fruit of our worldwide missionary zeal remains. We should embrace our spiritual sons and daughters from the nations, who have returned to help us. It is possible that God may yet act out of mercy to avert the very worst of the judgement that we have brought upon ourselves. The Church is called to be the voice of hope and compassion.
  • The shaking of every part of man’s world-wide economic, social, political and religious systems has begun. It will be a time of great humbling, purification and refining in every aspect of society. Only what is built on the foundations that God requires will be permitted to remain – righteousness, truth and justice.
  • When the judgement has run its course, God has promised to restore us. This restoration must follow God’s revealed strategies and guidelines and not be led astray again by man’s initiatives and good ideas.
  • Because of His great love for this nation and all of its people, God’s heart is breaking and He longs for us to respond to Him, as individuals, as a church, and as a nation. The time to respond is now.


This is a summary report on an ‘Hour of Listening’ in Parliament on June 12th 2012 by Dennis Wrigley, Michael Fenton-Jones and Nicholas Szkiler of ‘Together for the Nation’ – a coalition of Christian ministries. Nick Szkiler has been praying with Eddie James for 10 years, and he believes this should be reported and prayed through widely. A full transcript of the feedback is available upon request.