Greatest Endings ever!

As the Olympics came to a close recently, I was caught up in the emotions that some of the competitors displayed when they realised that they had won a medal.

Some were so overtaken by their emotions it is their tears, not words that speak; others celebrate, dancing and leaping about. For those who unexpectedly win a medal, it is awe at their achievement. For some of those who were seen as certs to win their next gold medal, disappointment.  For others, winning a gold medal was for them their ‘best ever ending’.

And it got me thinking…

What are the best endings ever?

  • Best ending to a song? 

Kathy Mattea: Where have you been, “I’m just not myself when you’re away.”

  • Best ending in sport?

Football: Leicester City winning Premier League

  • Best ending in a book?

M Glenn Taylor: ‘The Ballad of Trench Mouth Taggart’

“He decided he’d no longer speak. The rotten hole in his head between his nose and his chin no longer had words to utter.”
  • Classical Music: 

Tchaikovsky: The 1812 Overture

  • Film: 

Hacksaw Ridge 2016: The army will not assault the enemy until the medic finishes praying.

Of course, this is my choice of the best ever endings. Not to everyone’s taste, that goes without saying. But you know when I sat with some friends to work out what the best ever endings were, guess what, we could not agree. Have a go, see what you think, get some mates together choose five headlines and make your choices.

So to continue this train of thought: When Jesus was crucified the people responsible for doing this, getting rid of this man who was a thorn in their side, must have thought ‘this is the best ending ever.’ Could they be more wrong?

Whatever, whenever and however we make choices they inevitably turn into action that leads to an outcome. You may not like my choices, but that’s okay, I might not like yours.

Johnny came to the UK from Colorado USA for a holiday. Whilst there he was taken to watch QPR play football against another club. His cousin who took him to the match was pleased to see Johnny supporting the home team. Johnny went home having only visited the UK once in his life and has now become a lifelong QPR supporter, he has the shirt, scarf, hat and follows the team religiously. What on earth made him think that this was a good choice? Was this the best ending ever, it was for Johnny!

The choice God made to send his son Jesus to earth was a good choice for mankind. The ending of Jesus’ life was, for those who orchestrated it, a good choice, and the best ending possible. But the ending that is the best ending ever; is the resurrection of Jesus. To the bewilderment of those who like bloodthirsty endings, Jesus overcoming death was a shattering blow. You see Gods best ever ending was for Jesus to come back to life. Jesus in a miraculous way rose from the dead, having died to take my sin upon himself; he rose from the dead when it was my sin that should have kept him there. He then offered me that gift of life which I accepted; I accepted him as my Saviour. Saving me from what into what? Accepting Jesus is about understanding that sin destroys, it is a destroying force. Jesus knew this.  When he died he took sin upon himself so that when we receive him into our lives sin stops destroying us. Yes, the body may perish but the spirit is going live for eternity and that is what I have been saved into. The hope and the promise and a future that is certain. The best ending ever.

Image Credit: Alex