God’s method of Multiplication

God’s method of multiplication is very simple, it doesn’t use complicated formula, and there is no need to use a calculator or super computer. It is so simple that we either miss the point or try to add in complications which are just not there when you look at the original plan. We are very good at leaving it to others to get involved and not do it ourselves but when we look at Jesus’ script he stared with a one to one basis and then sent the disciples out two by two. Why are we not following these principals today? How can we think that we can improve on a flawless method that has stood the test of time? Christ has given us the great commission and he is simply asking us to obey, there are no ifs and buts when we are His service and we often prefer to sit on the sofa and slump in front of the TV instead of being active in His army.

Jesus in Matthew 4: 19 said “…Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” and then trained the disciples who though there is no direct reference must have been involved with the training of the seventy two who Jesus sent out in Luke 10: 1 and in verse 2 we find this instruction “…The harvest is great and the workers are few” why then are we so apathetic in going out to when our fellow brothers are with the life changing message we have been given to take to them.

The model we have laid out for us in scripture gives the clarity we need and the method to evaluate how to go out and serve a needy and hurting world. God’s design and call is for each one of us is for each one of us to take part in his great commission. It is not going to be without risks and it will take us well outside our comfort zone but we have the security that the Father is with us each step of the way. When we start going God’s way we fill him giving answers in ways we don’t expect. Remember we are on active service every time we step out of our front door.