CVM 50 plus….Would you like to be involved?

As well as this weekly blog, written by a team of 10, we hope to have another team to lead interactive seminars at the CVM regional day conferences on topics that are important to the over 50`s.

These topics could include subjects that may not be covered in depth by the churches such as:

– Reaching Boomers….born 1944-64
– Care for elderly men in homes and at home
– Preparation for retirement….discovering your next vocation
– Discipling and ‘every member ministry’ ….No passengers!
– Social care…..Word AND deed
– A fulfilling life with the over 80`s……the last lap
– Men`s health and fitness

Running in parallel with the seminars will be a web based discussion forum that you can access from the CVM web site. The forum will be divided up into topic groups. This can then include those who can`t attend the CVM regional days, live overseas or simply wish to continue the discussion started at the seminar. You can input to as many topic groups as you wish. Each group would have an editor/ coordinator.

Please email me direct if you know of anyone who would like to be involved as a seminar leader, discussion group coordinator or blog writer. Please contact me if you would like more details or have suggestions for titles of topic groups. If any of the topics mentioned above are close to your heart please let me know.