CVM 50 plus group

Who are these guys? 50 plus … that is ancient! I suppose it depends on how big the plus is! We are a group who meet twice a year to chat and pray together to encourage the churches to reach every man in our age group. Our next meeting is in London on 14 March 2012. We also ‘skype’ conference six times a year and post on the CVM Blog every two weeks so you are welcome to join us. This is the first blog.

At our first meeting in York in October we discussed how to encourage more social projects by working in small teams of all ages, to encourage groups of guys to do DIY, gardening and garden clearance for folk in our community who may be ill or in great need … for details see the Besom website.

We reminded ourselves of Jesus’ command to ‘make disciples’. How could we help this become a core activity of the local church? Again to be done across all age groups and by every member. We felt that by testimony and stories we could encourage discipling on this blog.

The 50 plus group is not a fringe activity, it is at the core of CVM. We are sure that you could think of a better name for the group, so to win your prize of a Yorkie bar please submit your brilliant ideas to me by next week atĀ

God bless you – Eddie