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Downward Spiral: Neil’s story

Everything was going well for Neil until he started having panic attacks. He walked in darkness for so many years, suffering with deep depression. He continued to suffer a lot of panic attacks, which he couldn’t understand. He tried all the conventional methods of man-made treatments and self help methods, but then he stumbled upon the Alpha Course and encountered Jesus and the Holy Spirit, […]

It is not all about Jesus

It struck me the other day that we sing an awful lot about Jesus being everything, that it’s all about Jesus. And let’s face it they are both excellent sentiments but do they tell the whole story? I mean I know we should give our entire heart to Jesus and He should be our main […]

It is all about Jesus

I have never been that good at setting aside regular time to read the Bible and pray. It’s not that I haven’t tried – I have. I have tried when I wake up, when I go to bed, before I eat and so on. Every time the same thing happens, I start off strongly but […]

Proclaiming the Dictionary Incorrect

When I was a lot younger I was convinced that the word chimney had an ‘L’ in it. That’s right I thought the word was pronounced chimley. I’m sure as you say that out loud to yourself you, like me, realise that this is a much more audibly pleasing word. It rolls off the tongue […]