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Jesus’ Resurrection: A Myth Borrowed from Ancient Religions?

Challenge: The stories about Jesus’ resurrection are borrowed from earlier myths in various ancient religions I don’t know about you, but I seem to bump into this objection from time to time, particularly online. The basic thrust of this objection levelled at the Christian faith is that the story of a god’s resurrection is nothing […]

The Bible – Part II

Have you heard something like this following objection to the reliability of the Bible? “Well, how do we know that what we have in our hands today is what was written by the authors? How do we know that the text hasn’t been modified to suit the political, theological, and personal aspirations of countless numbers […]

The Bible – Part I

For Christians the Bible is the central text of our faith. It is the book. As meticulously studied by scholars as it is treasured by Christ’s followers, it has comforted, challenged, provoked, and outraged countless people over thousands of years. Oft quoted and ever paraphrased, and yet faithfully transmitted, translated, printed and distributed – and […]