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8 Strategies to Assist You in Your Evangelism

Evangelism is a spiritual struggle. It’s a bloody, vicious war. There is no Geneva Convention or International Court of Justice imposing civility. Our enemy is not a gentlemen and he is out to totally, utterly ruin all that you love, cherish and seek to protect.

In this war we have been given tools, and I believe the role of persuasion – arguing, illustrating, and questioning – is a weapon that we are to deploy in this war.

Timothy was told by the Apostle Paul to “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Timothy 4:5). We’re shown that evangelism is both a task, as well as an office or role (Ephesians 4), and a task that in the Great Commission (Matthew 28) all Christians are called to.

As we think through how to use persuasion in evangelism here are 8 points to remember.

The Stephen Fry Syndrome: Part II

This is a direct continuation from Part I (astonishingly) so read that first. Here we are, then, having a bit of a play around with some of the sound bites that get erected as defensive shield walls by people. “Every thinking man is an atheist.” Ernest Hemingway Ok, Ernie…but what if I think hard about […]