Author: Pincher


I dunno about you but I think music is a great medium that unites people. I used to play in bands on nearly every RN ship I served in and whenever the band played on board, at a flight deck function or ashore in a local bar or hotel, the ships company always supported us […]


Well it’s the Easter season already, that annual celebration of chocolate and bunny rabbits … reminds me of once when the ship was deployed over Easter, so I decided to show the film ‘The Passion of The Christ’ (Mel Gibsons epic film, which was quite graphic in its portrayal of Jesus suffering). I thought I’d […]

The Root Cause

I was enjoying a weeks ‘station leave’ whilst the ship was alongside in Mombasa in Kenya during a stand down from a busy ‘Armilla’ patrol in the Arabian Gulf during the Iran / Iraq war in the 1980s. We had spent a few months escorting tankers in convoys through the Straits of Hormuz. The SOH […]


The world seems to be getting more and more unsettled, so much conflict and distress right across the world. I don’t know about you but often I find myself thinking that it’s all spiralling out of control and that actually there is nothing I can do, and that puts me way out of my comfort […]

Another Year

New Year. Another one. 2017. Already. Any hopes? Dreams? Challenges? Resolutions? Plans? Of course we have no idea what lies ahead, we can make plans we can prepare for stuff but no-one actually knows for sure whether any of it will actually happen .. I am not sure how far ahead you all make plans, […]