Author: Nick Welford


There is a man who stands in the town centre. He has done it for years. This photo is his latest sign. What do you think? I mean, technically he’s not wrong is he? But is it the best emphasis given all the richness there is in God? Do we want to see half-hearted converts […]


We called him Rocky and everyone at the basketball club loved him. Everyone but me. He was older, he was cool, most importantly he was an excellent player. Even though I hated him, I wanted to be as good as him at basketball. The reason for my hate was simple – he never stopped shouting […]

Speak Once

I have a big gob. I often put my foot in it. When I was a teenager I worked, for a time, in Safeways. This time was characterised by complaints. One day I was on the till serving a member of staff who had just got off work. She noticed my WWJD band and asked […]

The Same Page

One of the most disheartening reports from any war are injuries from friendly fire. Time and time again we hear about brothers in arms hurting and sometimes killing each other. In war it must be a horrible feeling to find out you have wounded one of your own team. In many Churches, it is not […]