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Joss Nicholas: Notts & Lincs

Joss Nicholas

Joss lives in Newark, is divorced and has one daughter. He identifies two significant chapters in his life. Firstly, at age 15 when he gave his life to Jesus; Psalm 69:9 became a motto for his life. As a young man Joss developed an entrepreneurial edge, he loved reaching people as an evangelist and started a number of ministries as a young leader. One of the people who attended a youth event that Joss lead started going to his church, came to faith then became his wife!

In his early 20s Joss started his first company whilst working part time for the church. Most of his life has been focussed around his two major loves: Jesus and Motors. Some of the many blessings he has experienced include: starting a car modifying business; winning Notts entrepreneur of the year; building an Ultra Bike with Barry Sheene's family; leading (at different times) two multi-site churches, owning a creative agency specialising in supporting churches; starting a software company focused on kingdom tools; pioneering a Young Adults movement and planting a church.

The second chapter is characterised by the deep love Joss has for his daughter, he feels God changing his heart continually as a result of being her father. He now enjoys what God is doing in his heart, and being a dad is his biggest privilege to date.

Following his divorce, Joss stepped down from full time ministry. During this time he has become a co-owner of a motor dealership with a great friend. He continues to serve in church on a number of teams and feels getting involved with CVM is very much God’s timing. He is excited by this new chapter, knowing what it's like to feel the kiss of heaven as well as to trudge through the valley. He has real passion to encourage blokes to live their best life, to invest in their marriages and to step up to the plate in their family, church, workplace and beyond.

Joss continues to love cars and motorbikes, plus is bit of an adrenaline junkie, enjoying mountain biking, skiing etc. Most of all he loves Jesus, so enjoys inspiring groups or churches as a speaker, being there as a mate to listen or providing support with men’s ministry. However he can help in Notts & Lincs he would love to connect with you.

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