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Ultimate Survival Guide

'Argument busting' resource from CVM

The CVM Demolition Squad has been operational since 2011. Since then, our mission has been to make the complexity of Christian apologetics accessible for the bloke-on-the-street, by reducing the often complex arguments into easy to understand articles. The Demolition Squad Ultimate Surival Guide is the culmination of that process, with help in how Christians might start to respond to these objections.

Who is this book for?
With the main arguments condensed into short, bite-size chunks, the book is primarily an equipping tool for Christian men who feel unsure how to defend their faith in conversation, and who are looking for a beginners' guide to Christian apologetics.

What isn't in this book?
It isn't a book which claims to have all the answers. Neither is it a deep exhaustive work for philosophy graduates. It is written by people who believe that Jesus is the ultimate answer to life's Big Questions.

How should you read this book?
Dip in and out. The book is divided into 3 distinct sections: Scientific and Logical objections, Personal objections, and Biblical objections.

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Product: Ultimate Survival Guide

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