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Tez Gale: Carmarthenshire

Tez Gale, Area Coordinator for Carmarthenshire

Tez has been married to Hannah since 2001. They have 4 children Joshua, Isaac, Adelaide and Noah.

Tez is originally from Surrey and moved to a farm in St Clears, Carmarthenshire with his extended family in 2010. He has several jobs that he juggles: managing an IT team for a Social Marketing company in Swansea, running a camping centre for groups with Hannah, working on a smallholding and helping with a therapy centre that is also run on the farm.

Tez moved to Wales with the intent of setting up a site which catered especially to youth groups and group camping! The goal is to enable group leaders to bring children and young adults to a safe place where they can explore the outdoors and find a sense of purpose in life. Tez and Hannah set up Go Wild Adventures in 2011 for this very purpose. Since 2018 they have also teamed up with God Unlimited, an Outdoor Therapy centre based in Wiltshire, to offer therapy to people in the local area of Carmarthenshire.

Tez has been involved in CVM for several years working with the Stewarding team at The Gathering, alongside providing the Lazy Bloke camping each year also at The Gathering.

Hobbies and interests include permaculture, bush craft, dabbling in the odd geeky IT project, gaming and spending time with the family.

Tez and his family attend Towy Community Church in Carmarthen where he can quite often be seen sitting behind the sound-desk.

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