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Steve Martin: Operations Director

Steve Martin

Steve originated from Brighton, and joined the Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineer in 1979, rising to the giddy heights of Warrant Officer 1. He served on many ships and in various shore establishments throughout his 28 year career. Highlights included many 'thrilling' cold war patrols in the Iceland /Faeroes gap, involvement in numerous humanitarian relief operations (including the Boxing day Tsunami) and patrol duties during the Balkan conflict and Iran / Iraq war. His final sea going job was as the Executive Warrant Officer on HMS Chatham.

Early on in his career Steve became a Christian, and through many ups and downs tried to live out his witness in the rather challenging environment of a messdeck on board a warship! Steve left the RN in May 2007 to become the Executive Secretary of the Naval Christian Fellowship, an independent charity based in Portsmouth, which, working alongside Naval Chaplaincy service, supports and encourages Christians in their life and witness in the RN, Royal Marines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

In 1987 Steve married Helen (a naval nurse) and they have two sons, Ben who is a Lay Pioneer minister in Derby, (with a remit specifically for the 18-30 age group). and Sam who is in the Royal Marines Band Service currently based in Portsmouth. Steve's hobbies include music (especially if its on vinyl) , playing guitar and running (marathons!). He also drives a 30 year old VW Van and a 2.8i Capri of the same vintage!! Steve prides himself on his 'dits' which is Naval terminology for stories, and normally requires a translator to interpret all the RN slang which peppers every sentence.

He works for CVM as the Operations Director based at the office in Chesterfield.

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