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Richard Trotter: Belper

Richard Trotter

Richard was brought up in the North East of England and left his home town of Hartlepool at the age of sixteen. After a difficult childhood, Richard joined the army and later the RAF.

After leaving the RAF in 1974, and a subsequent divorce, the next eight years were turbulent times of difficult relationships and bad experiences. Finally in 1982 at his wits end, Richard made a call to the local Baptist Church. With nowhere else to turn, he made his way to the church to meet with the local pastor and it was there that Richard gave his life to the Lord.

Later that year, he married June, by then both followers of Christ.In 1985 their first son James was born, followed by Luke in 1988. There were further challenges for the family to face as serious illness had an impact, but Richard and June have seen God’s hand at work in wonderful ways as they have continued to trust in Christ’s provision.June has a ministry in intercession.

Richard attended Good News Crusade’s Evangelism Training course in 1996. GNC is the ministry of International Evangelist Don Double. Later in 1996 Richard went on a visit to Romania with Don.In 1997 Richard took a team and four vehicles loaded with aid to a hospital in Ploiesti, Romania. Many further visits followed.

Since then Richard has ministered at many outreaches in the UK and abroadand seen God heal many people.

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