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Paul Ashley: Dorchester

Paul Ashley

Paul is married with four grown up children, Joe, Megan and Maisie and daughter in law Laura. He has been married to Louise for over 30 years and counts this as his most impressive achievement, but acknowledges its his wife that deserves the credit. Not that he’s old or would admit to being middle aged but he bought a caravan and loves being away, mountain biking, walking and drinking beer.
He has been involved in Christian Leadership for over 25 years and he has developed a number of initiatives to make authentic connections with those that 'don't do church', seeking to share life's journey with others in an authentic way.
Paul is developing ‘Mind The Gap Ministries’ which seeks to help churches, church groups and individuals rediscover the lost mission of discipleship. Pauls desire is to see all men, regardless of background, have opportunities to encounter God by creating environments where they are able to be honest and vulnerable. It is from this authentic place we journey with people as we share life together.
I’ve been connected with CVM for a number of years and its a privilege to be able to serve in this way. Whatever I can do - count me in. .


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