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Neil Fulcher: Rotherham

Neil FulcherNeil was born in Rotherham South Yorkshire in 1961.  In many ways Neil’s generation was a legacy of the post war prosperity in Britain.  The British Empire had been dismantled and a new world order was forming in the East and West via the Commonwealth.  Neil was born into a very staunch Christian family who belonged to the Plymouth Brethren who believed that long hair, jeans, rock music, the cinema, smoking, alcohol and television to name but a few, were vices that belonged to the devil and served as an abomination to God.  Needless to say Christianity was not top of Neil’s priority list.  Neil suffered daily bullying not only because of the way he had to live and conform as a child but also because he was born more ginger than a carrot and in those days it was common practice to be violent to anyone with a difference especially the ginger kid.

Never one to be intimidated by violent bullies, running away was not an option for a Rotherham lad and after leaving school Neil joined the Territorial Army as an infantryman. All that energy and fighting knowledge was put to good use as Neil qualified as an Army Physical Training Instructor, became part of the Bisley shooting team and graded as a 3rd Dan Black belt in the art of combat Wado Ryu. Neil served in Gibraltar during the Falklands war and trained with American forces in Indiana. Neil also completed an apprenticeship as an electrician.

After 6 years in the TA, Neil left to set up his own electrical business and joined South Yorkshire Police Special Constabulary but left 4 years later after the Government refused to support Glen Goodman’s family when he was murdered by an IRA bombing team while on active police duty.

After a failed marriage and moving away from electrical contracting Neil undertook a teaching degree and taught electrical installation engineering.  He found love and married Marie who gave him two fantastic children, Katie and Luke.  After another near marriage disaster while Katie was on active service in Afghanistan, the Lord demonstrated to Neil that no matter what happens his daughter would be protected through Neil’s prayers that his daughter would not be impacted by operational dangers or worse become just another dead or disfigured causality of war.

Since God honoured Neil prayers, after 35 years in the spiritual wilderness he gave his life back to God and now seeks through CVM as the Rotherham area co-ordinator to show men the reality and power of prayer through a living God who wants to interact with them on all levels in all aspects of their lives.


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