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Matthew Gibson: Italy

My name is Matthew Gibson and my wife (Rose) and I work in Italy with OM.  My role has been working with evangelical churches (of various denominations) to enable them to carry the hope of Christ in their communities. I am based in a small town in the NW corner of Italy called Torre Pellice where I am also part of a small local Christian community.

My work has brought me into contact with believers from all over Italy and I have become aware of the lack of men who are walking with God. From this I was moved to begin working as a ‘Barnabas’, which of course means ‘Son of encouragement’ alongside some of the men in my own community.

In a time of reflection of my future in Italy (which seemed very uncertain at that point) I was led to read Ezekiel 22 :30 where God is seeking ‘men to stand in the gap of the broken walls of Jerusalem’. I was blessed to be in a Christian bookshop at that point and saw the CVM material and began to seek God as to what He was asking me to do.

After some tentative emails to Beechy (Carl Beech) I was encouraged to think through what an Italian men’s movement might look like. We have begun our initial group in the small place where I live and we are actively seeking others in different regions of Italy who are interested to do likewise. We have had encouragement from the Evangelical Alliance in Italy as well as several Christian training agencies in Italy.

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