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Martyn Haines: Tendring District

Martyn Haines

Martyn was born in Wolverhampton and after leaving school joined the Merchant Navy to commence a career at sea. Rising to the rank of Master Mariner (Captain) he came ashore to work in the commercial office in London. This necessitated a home relocation to Witham, Essex, with his wife, Jill and their 5 year old daughter, Sara. Number two daughter, Nicola, was born in Chelmsford. Both daughters are now primary school teachers; Sara in Essex and Nicola in Dubai, UAE.

In 46 years in the shipping industry he has enjoyed a life at sea, time in the ship owner's office, marine insurance, three year secondment in the New York, USA, and latterly a consultant in a London based shipping law firm. Dispute resolution has become a passion and in 2016 he qualified as a Mediator for commercial, civil and community disputes which, with God grace, will become a vocation with his work with CVM.

Martyn first encountered God at 13 when given a KJV Gideon's bible at school which he read but little understood; this was replaced with a more user friendly NIV when joining his first ship to sea. There was a commitment to read daily but it was not until moving to Witham in 1985 that Martyn became a Christian. He was baptised with Jill in 1991 after relocation to Frinton-on-Sea , where he still lives, and he baptised both daughters in subsequent years.

Christian ministry has been at the forefront of his path with the Lord: youth work for many years, church deacon and since 2008 with men's ministry. Various preaching engagements have supplemented his home church work.

Martyn recognises that bringing men and encouraging orders to bring men to Christ is his fundamental purpose and immediately empathised with Codelife l , "Jesus is my Captain, Brother, Rescuer and Friend". Like a Captain of a ship, Jesus has authority and power, the ability to save men from drowning and be alongside them as a brother and friend when times are tough. Amen.


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