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Kami Kalsi: Glasgow

Kami Kalsi

Kami lives in Glasgow, and is married to Liz and they have a gift of a daughter called Anjali.

From a Sikh background, Kami knew of the concept of a God and to have good morals. This all fell away as he became more entrenched in the sub-culture of bodybuilding. Kami made a decision to become a competitive bodybuilder which included the use use of anabolic steroids for a number of years. He eventually bought a gym with his wife.

After 3 years of living in Scotland Kami realised that his bodybuilding lifestyle and purity issues was destroying his family. He decided to go to a church to see "if God could fix him". After 6 months, Kami and his wife did an Alpha course and Kami truly believed who Jesus was.

Becoming a Christian has changed Kami 180 degrees. He cannot hold in the love and power of Christ and boldly will share testimony.

He has a passion to see men transformed and to lead families into the love of Christ.


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