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John Nixson: Harrow

John NixsonJohn was brought up in a Christian family with a dad who was a minister, and sometime teacher and counsellor, and a mum who had trained for Christian work. A recent opportunity to look through books from his dad's home has re-awakened memories and intense gratitude for the way that his parents lived out the love of the Good News that they held dear - even when things were really tough!

After study Psychology and starting to social work with adolescent girls in a secure residential unit straight after university John married Annie, then a nurse, 34 years ago - beginning an exciting journey through joys and struggles in their life together. The biggest joys being three amazing, beautiful and creative daughters - until the recent arrival of grand-daughter number one filled a gap in his heart that he didn't know was there!

John became a child protection and safeguarding specialist in the field of child and family social work, providing advice, guidance and support to professionals and working with complex cases. As work became more challenging, demanding and intense John wandered in and out of a close relationship with Jesus until 3 years ago when he reached a point of real crisis. Years of travelling around the country to work in interim management, training and consultancy roles had pushed family relationships hard and served to fuel what had become a work-focused obsessive busyness - until financial meltdown brought John to the point of considering ending his life as the best way to care for his family.

At that very point Jesus reached out to Him through the CAP ministry at his home church helping him to be truthful with Annie about the extent of the debt and fear as well as setting out a programme to tackle the debt - what a blessing! In parallel, other devoted friends introduced John to the ministry of Ellel at Pierpont in Surrey - exposing John to wonderful God-focused, bible-based teaching and prayer ministry that opened him to receive powerful healing - in particular a weekend titled "The Father Loves You" in June 2012 was a watershed in John's relationship with his heavenly Father.

Since then John discovered CVM's ministry, got involved in The Gathering as a steward and became involved in men's ministry at church. Much of John's work highlights how many men struggle with their identity, their purpose and their relationships - this contributes to a real passion for sharing the Good News of God's gracious and redeeming love with other men.

Over the last two years Jesus has taught John about his physical health and the habits that compromised this - with the result that he is now 6 stone lighter and runs for pleasure!

John also loves reading, walking, gardening, DIY and family time!

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