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Jim Rae: Kettering

Jim RaeJim, a retired Policeman, has been married to Fiona for over 25 years. They have one daughter, Lydia, who is married and lives in Norwich. Jim also has two children, James and Claire from his previous marriage. He is a grandfather to Ivy.

Having retired as a police officer in 2000 he was further employed by Northamptonshire Police as Liquor Licensing Officer, Planning Officer and Anti-social behaviour investigator. Having been made redundant about four years ago, Jim bought himself a van, emptied his shed into it, and started his own 'Handyman' business. He uses his previous skills of 'talking with people' to tell customers about his faith in Jesus as he puts up shelves or decorates for them.

Jim first gave his life to Jesus at a youth club weekend away but didn't tell anyone and therefore didn't grow in his faith. When he was 38 years old he found himself at the back of a church during a baptism where the vicar preached the gospel and invited people to say a prayer to invite Jesus into their lives. Jim said that prayer for the second time and the rest is history. The vicar met with Jim and Fiona for breakfast every morning for two weeks to explain the gospel and read the Bible with them.

Jim is well known for his humour and it is said amongst his friends that you can always tell when he is joking because his lips are moving. That said, Jim is very serious about ministering to men and bringing more men into the Kingdom. He has trained as a Biblical Counsellor at Waverley Abbey and has a heart for Fathers and Sons. Those sons will hopefully be the Christian fathers of tomorrow.

Jim has attended every one of the Gathering events and takes every opportunity to tell other men about what they are missing by not attending. He believes that by fellowship and getting together can men grow strong in their faith; Iron Sharpens iron. He is hoping to help other churches in his area to develop their Men's Ministry and reach out to other men who are not yet Christians. He is a member of the 'Lay Community of St Benedict' and tries to bring the spiritual guidance from Benedict into his everyday life and encounters with others.

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