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Jeremy Geake: Marketing & Communications Director

Jeremy Geake

Jeremy was born and raised in West London where he still lives. He comes to CVM as Marketing and Communications Director having been New Wine's Marketing Manager for 4 years. Prior to that he spent many years selling, direct to retail, 'interesting' products such as shoe laces and umbrellas!!?! This was preceded by stints in retail at establishments such as Harrods Dept Store, to name the only one you may have heard of.

He has been a Christian for nearly all of his adult life, attending a small Baptist church in Ealing since he was taken there, as a toddler, by his mum in the early 1970s. He is married to Sarah and they have 2 kids. He has dabbled in stand-up comedy, although the pursuit of that line of adventure was put on ice when his kids came along. However he does vent his need to 'perform' by inflicting his singing on everyone whenever 'karaoke comes to town'.

His loves are (in alphabetical order): Arsenal, attention seeking, chilli-dogs, iced coffee, Jesus, (his two) kids, movies, movie posters, playing things down, swimming and (his) wife.
Sarah doesn't appreciate his alphabetical lists.

Jeremy believes that though men seem to present the biggest problems to society and challenge to the church, they also carry the solution to society's problems and are critical to the church's future.

He says "CVM are doing an incredible work that is so vital, particularly as introducing MEN to Jesus is THE key to church growth in the UK and beyond."

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