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CVM international

CVM supports several churches and mens group leaders around the world with their men’s ministry and outreach through online training, mentoring and fellowship.

Suneel Shivdasani is CVM's International Co-ordinator, keeping in touch with groups overseas that want to develop their men's ministry, as well as being a resource for ministry amongst Asians in the UK, and the Area Co-ordinator for Sutton (S. London).

Please contact Suneel for further information.


Tanzania in East Africa is known for large areas of wilderness which include the plains of the Serengeti National Park and also Kilimanjaro National Park. It has a population of about 50 million, of which about 35% are Muslim, 35% have Indigenous African beliefs, and 30% are Christian. 
About 70% of the country live below the poverty level of US$1.25/day.

Philip Buluba lives in a village in Mara in the north of Tanzania. He is one of the pastors in his church, Word of Grace ministry, and has also started planting churches. He is married to Mary and has 4 children.
Philip’s mum was possessed by many demons, but his family were not able to help her even though they tried many witch doctors. One day he heard a street preacher explain that Jesus can deliver people from demons, so he gave his life to the Lord and started attending church. In time he was able to pray for his mother, and all the demons left her. 
About 80 adults attend his church with well under 50% being men. In 2015 Sports Friends provided Philip with some footballs, and so he started football teams in his church, with about half the Men’s team being church members - the rest are friends. They play against a village team.  Since then 6 boys have come to Christ, and he is now encouraging teams in 10 different churches in the region.


South Africa

Mark Knight moved from the UK to South Africa with his wife, to enter into pastoral ministry. Together they planted The Vine Christian Community Church which serves the community of Jeffrey's Bay and the surrounding areas.

CVM South Africa is a church based men's group operating out of Jeffrey's Bay. They have regular meetings/socials and a yearly men's camp. As a group they’ve been able to share the vision of church based men's ministry in both Port Elizabeth and Paarl.

The vision for CVM SA is to continue the great work started at these conferences and encourage local churches to run regular localised men's groups. South Africa is a country with a number of different cultural groups; Mark would like to see CVM SA become multi-cultural in all forms of its ministry, and reach out to all men across this amazing country.



CVM Cambodia grew out of the conviction that Cambodia needs its own version of CVM UK.
The Cambodian church faces the same issues as the UK - how can we: Connect men to Jesus Christ, encourage men to commit to Him 100%, and then challenge and mobilise men to take the transforming power of the gospel to their fellow Cambodian men

The need may be the same but the culture is different so we are growing a Cambodian CVM with a Cambodian name – Good Real Men. We are translating and adapting existing CVM resources, as well as creating new material to speak into the Cambodian culture. We remain true to the CVM way of working – men talking to men, men’s groups sharing men’s experiences (dreams, nightmares, problems and solutions) while having a good time together.

Our vision is to see a movement of men bringing transformation to men in Cambodia – and we’re seeing God do it!

Who are we?

Nou VandethNou Vandeth (Deth for short, pronounced Date) has been the Director of Good Real Men since 2013. He brought 10 years of experience and contacts from working with the Youth and Children’s Commissions of the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia.


Nou VandethZoran Sulc moved to Cambodia with his wife Margaret in October 2012 as members of Cambodia Action, and joined CVM as an adviser. He focuses on producing biblically based material that will give men's group leaders confidence in discussing the issues that affect men.


We started our work in the capital, Phnom Penh, offering help to churches to start men’s groups. There was a slow response to this but we then received invitations from other organisations including NGOs and Student Dormitories to work with their men. More recently we have been speaking to Christian leaders outside Phnom Penh and have now begun to work in the provinces.

We are equipping them to create effective self-sustaining groups that do not require outside injections of money to keep going. Alongside this we are creating resources for the men's group leaders to use as they encourage men to grow in faith and reach out to their friends.

Although we usually begin by leading new groups ourselves, we are identifying and developing leaders who share our passion for men’s ministry, and who hear God’s call to step up and take responsibility for this work in their area.
In the future we will have men’s ministry facilitators in all major cities in Cambodia who can reach out to the provincial towns and villages around them.

We have held major events that bring leaders and men together to challenge and inspire them to be Good Real Men and we are also using media opportunities on radio and the internet to spread the word. If you want to find out more information you can contact Deth on - you can also donate to their work through CVM UK by clicking here (please specify CVM Cambodia in the transaction).

Connect with CVM Cambodia


We are liaising with Ben Harding who used to be a part of the CVM UK team in the North of England. Ben is the Chaplain in Lyon and is looking to encourage men's ministry in France.

In France under 5% attend church each week, including Catholics as well as Protestants, and women are between 1.5 - twice as likely as men to be involved in regular religious activities. Alongside the French churches, there are over a hundred anglican churches as well as many other English speaking churches from other denomination

Currently in Lyon, Ben is helping establish a Men's Bible Study using the Longbow material he developed.



We partner primarily with Latvian Bible Centre, through whom we partner with local churches in the capital, Riga.

Latvia is one of the three Baltic states on the Eastern side of Europe with a population of about 2 million of which the adult male population (25+) is about 725,000 representing roughly 45% of the country's adult population.

Riga has over 700,000 people and the country is a member of the EU and NATO with a Christian history of over 1,000 years, represented by Protestant and Orthodox Christian denominations.

LBC is one of the largest evangelical educational institutions in the country with over 20 years of experience, providing for both church leadership and lay people. Unlike other Bible schools, LBC has students and staff from different denominations with courses in Latvian and Russian.

A number of churches in Latvia have a thriving Men's ministry. For example, Gertrude's church has an established men's ministry which holds biweekly men's breakfasts, a quarterly gathering in the form of treks or other group activities. Recently men have organised joint activities with a Children's centre, to encourage fathers.
Men of Saint Joseph () meet on a weekly basis to pray, and organise annual gatherings in the summer.

St. Matthew Baptist Church runs a monthly men's breakfast.

CVM's involvement in Latvia started in 2014 and since then we have helped with two seminars on different aspects of men's ministry.



CVM Serbia was launched in 2014 and headed up by Beredi Dusan and Zoltan Vegel.

Zoltan VegelZoli went to a Brethren church as a child with his family. He was taught about God and introduced to the Bible. In his teenage years he rejected the idea that God is found through Christianity as he'd seen power struggles between Christians, and God seemed harsh, and boring in Christianity.

However he was still interested in God, so he began to search Eastern philosophies. In his search he came across Calvary Chapel, and was fascinated by what they taught about Jesus and fulfilled prophecies. Over time he realised that God can be found through Christianity, although some Christians do misrepresent him.

Zoli started attending a Bible Study, and one evening a particular speaker was teaching about Jesus. The man had been married for 40 years, and explained that this was because of God's faithfulness to him and his wife. Zoli realised that this man had something that he wanted. So he spoke to the man, and a few weeks later asked Jesus to forgive him, and to be his Lord and Saviour.


CVM Brazil is a group of men who have experienced the worst that life can throw at them, but they have all found freedom and transformation primarily because of their faith in Jesus and also their ongoing commitment to one another as a band of brothers.

Based in and around the North East of Brazil in Recife, this group of men are passionate about sharing Jesus as much as they can and as creatively as they can.

CVM Brazil are working in the following areas:

• They host evangelistic football nights.

• Established, built, fund and run a drug rehab house for men.

• Take regular trips into the mountainous interior of Brazil to offer essential food and supplies and of course the good news of Jesus.

• They also pioneered, staff and run a free after school educational programme for over 40 children helping the children and their poor families.

• Annually they host, organise and fund a weekend for these families to get away, have fun, swim and eat in a safe environment where the good news is shared, and life stories of Jesus’ love are explored.

• CVM Brazil also produces leaflets, information and is continually seeking ways to reach out to men, their families and children with the lifesaving good news of Jesus Christ.

"Everton and the guys out there have never ceased to amaze me. They live utterly selfless lives and share their money, cars and homes to reach men with the gospel. Each time I visit these men I can’t help but be so inspired by their passion and commitment to the lost men of Brazil. With an amazing ethic of hard work and resourcefulness they do so much, and God’s favour is all over it! Incredible."
Nathan. CEO of CVM.


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