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We are encouraging men's ministry around the world by partnering with folk in different countries. See the links below for more information.


Tanzania in East Africa is known for large areas of wilderness which include the plains of the Serengeti National Park and also Kilimanjaro National Park. It has a population of about 50 million, of which about 35% are Muslim, 35% have Indigenous African beliefs, and 30% are Christian. 
About 70% of the country live below the poverty level of US$1.25/day.

Philip Buluba lives in a village in Mara in the north of Tanzania. He is one of the pastors in his church, Word of Grace ministry, and has also started planting churches. He is married to Mary and has 4 children.
Philip’s mum was possessed by many demons, but his family were not able to help her even though they tried many witch doctors. One day he heard a street preacher explain that Jesus can deliver people from demons, so he gave his life to the Lord and started attending church. In time he was able to pray for his mother, and all the demons left her. 
About 80 adults attend his church with well under 50% being men. In 2015 Sports Friends provided Philip with some footballs, and so he started football teams in his church, with about half the Men’s team being church members - the rest are friends. They play against a village team.  Since then 6 boys have come to Christ, and he is now encouraging teams in 10 different churches in the region.



CVM Togo was launched in 2014 with Gad Numadi.

"We have been working in Togo since 2010 with children in different settings and to some extent with their families. From these relationships we realise that within families and especially for dads and their boys there is a great need for specific men's ministry.

We will be envisioning churches and children's workers across Togo this year, 2014, alongside our children's ministry work to consider dads and lads both in their congregations, but also in their communities.

Our existing ministry for boys and youth in our football club and for those detained in the youth prison will be enhanced as we hope to translate and use the Manmade course by the end of this year. Many of our workers and volunteers are men and we are looking forward to rethinking how we engage with them and seek their spiritual growth as we minister together through the support of CVM.

We hope by sharing the vision of CVM to increase collaboration with various church mission leaders to ignite, when needed, and facilitate their growth and interest in men being men who walk with God, whether young or older."


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