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George Stoimenov: Eastbourne

George Stoimenov 

I was born in Bulgaria, in the last years of the Communist regime. Being a child of hard-working, busy parents, I had the time and resources to explore my passions – the abundant natural world around me, and the vast world of literature.
My love for reading began when I was four year old and, much like my love for nature, has been growing stronger ever since, helping me develop a hunger for deep questions and even deeper answers.

During my university years, when I studied Crime Prevention and Public Order Protection in the city of Varna, I was exposed to many subjects that gave me a chance to further develop my curiosity and my desires to search and look deeply into the matters of life. Those subjects, like Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, and many others, gave me a good insight into humanity and society as a whole. They, however, failed to provide answers for the deepest questions – the questions about life and its meaning – and so I searched on, looking in every possible place to find what I felt was a life worth living. The bustling nightlife of the big city gave me many opportunities to experience the feelings which, I thought, made life worth living. The reality of endless hunger and constant pursuit seemed to come to an end in 2008, when the girl who changed everything for me, came into my life. Me and Mariya, who would one day become my wife, decided to relocate, and, after a brief flirt with a possible new life in Denmark, chose England, due to its closer proximity and the English language which we had both studied previously.

It was in England, where my personal struggles truly began, and it was here, that I finally began to receive answers. Doing a Christianity Explored course in a local church led to a mission trip to Zambia in 2010. There, in a village called Mpulungu, me and Mariya worked in a school for orphans, founded and ran by missionaries from Operation Mobilisation.

In Zambia, Jesus revealed Himself to me, and I gave Him my heart.

This marked the beginning of a difficult, but very rewarding journey, which is still ongoing.

Today, I am married to Mariya and we have a little daughter called Mila; we are also expecting our second daughter, Melina. We are both church members, passionate about God and about the truth and the potential within each human heart.

Having developed a passion about men's work, I am now involved in helping men overcome their inner struggles and rediscover themselves, both in group settings and one-to-one. My passion for speaking – which has been gaining momentum since the time I gave a talk to the inmates in a Zambian jail – has taken me to many places, both in England and abroad; I have since spoken in churches and men's groups in England, South Africa, and my native Bulgaria.

I have a particular hunger for the church and, above all, to see Christian men grow in their faith and rediscover their manhood.

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