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George Osobrn: New Age spirituality

George Osobrn

George started Lumina ministries in September of 2013 as an umbrella for the evangelistic work he is involved in. In addition to his own work George works alongside other like minded individuals in order to see the gospel proclaimed, people helped practically and the church equipped. George has been involved in full-time Christian ministry since 2008 and Lumina is predominantly a ministry run and managed through George.

George is passionate about training and equipping the church to reach out and has developed a programme called Living Louder which covers topics from defending your faith, sharing the gospel, removing fear in evangelism, how to build a relationship amongst other topics. George works on a day to day basis in his locality trying to reach out to the community and therefore comes with real experience and examples.

The life story of George is a remarkable journey of ups and downs, from being trapped in the supernatural at a young age, to drink, drugs and money. Finding himself on a tropical island with nothing left of life to try what happened next dramatically changed his life beyond recognition. You can read all about in his book 'Out of the Darkenss'


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