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Derry Boylan: York

Born in Manchester in 1961, of good Irish stock. Raised around Sale, I did Grammar School, O & A levels, then defected over the Pennines to go to University in Leeds. I studied Biophysics, Microbiology, then Marketing.

Ok, I was a bit of a swot.

I've worked 4 decades plus in Laboratory Automation and Robotics, and currently work for "Science City York". We organise conferences and events. So, I do have a busy day job too!

I love being around the technology and 'buzz' of new innovation, and this career has involved me in some amazing projects, from Space Robotics to the Human Genome project … "and beyond"

I've lived in York for 30 years plus, so I'm on my way to becoming a naturalised Yorkshireman.

For 49 years I had no room for God in my life : I thought I was doing OK without Him. I didn't realise He was at work in me the whole time ! It was not until I was ready to give my life up that He pulled me back from the brink. A story I'll be happy share with you if you have 5 minutes.

I opened my heart and gave my life to Jesus in Jan 2011, and things have never been the same. You hear stories of Redemption and Restoration here at CVM all the time. I've experienced that first hand, and that's why I want to do my bit to help other guys get to know Jesus.

We have a small house-group of guys in York, and we've been following "The Code" study guides for, oh, ages now ! We'd love this to be the green shoots of something more in and around York.

My home church is St.Michael-le-Belfrey in York, although you will often find me at St.George's in Leeds worshipping with my wonderful soon-to-be-wife Wendy ! God Is Good !

A few Interesting facts :

  • I got my Pilot's Licence in 1997, & spent quite a few years flying Microlights : a team of us entered the record books by flying all the way round the coastline of Britain.
  • I'm an Archer, and shoot a fully techno-pimped compound bow, ( none of this stick-and-string stuff ).
  • I actually live in a church : it does wonders to clean up the language !

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