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Daz Vardy: Kinmel Bay


Daz Vardy is our Area Coordinator for Kinmel Bay. He is married to Lissa and together they have two young boys, Callum who is four and Jonah who is six.  Daz was born a twin and after having two boys of his own he now knows why they often called the terrible twins.  Having had no church background, Daz was powerfully saved twenty years ago and since that moment he has believed in that the power of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit can transform the both the hearts and lives of men everywhere.  Daz has been heard to say “…if he can do it in my life, He can certainly do it for anyone.” 

As part of the leadership at Kinmel Bay Church, Daz has established a men’s event called Only Men Allowed. OMA has been running for around 6 years now and runs on the last Friday of every month.  Since it began OMA has reached men from Kinmel Bay, Towyn, Rhyl, Prestatyn and the surrounding area. OMA regularly welcomes between 30 – 50 guys, and each month they share life issues, support each other and share the Gospel message in language that is really helpful to regular guys.

On top of this Daz lives his life really openly for Christ, whether that be at home, at work, in the community or in the church. He is keen to support guys wherever and whenever he can. He leads Alpha courses and spends time in one to one with guys to help them on their journey to discovering Christ.

Being an Area Coordinator for Daz is simply an extension of the work he has already been doing in North Wales for many years and he is a valued member of the CVM Cymru team. 

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