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Darran Hibbert: Canterbury - Herne Bay – Whitstable

Darran Hibbert

Darran lives in Herne Bay with his wife, Carol, and their four children. They have worshiped in the parish church 'Christ Church' for almost 20 years, where Darran is Church Warden. He also plays bass guitar in the worship band and he occasionally preaches too.

Darran and Carol lead one of the many church home groups and both have roles working with The Ascension Trust’s Street Pastors.

Darran is a senior Street Pastor in Canterbury and Herne Bay and he's passionate about engaging with people on the streets. Caring for them, listening to them, helping them and showing them Gods love. He sees it as a privilege to work together with other partners in the night-time economy to make his community a safer place.

Born in Medway Towns, he did his apprenticeship in GEC Avionics and worked as an airframe fitter, working on SAAB jets, before joining British Telecom, where he has clocked up nearly 30 years service.

He came to faith by being dragged kicking and screaming to church by his wife, where he could be found at the back not wanting to get in anyone’s way. However once it was known that he played bass guitar, he was quickly dragged to the front to play in the worship band, where he hid behind his guitar for a few years. Then whilst away at New Wine with his church family, God said "that’s enough hiding" and he has been a full-on follower of Jesus from then on.

He has helped run the men’s group at Christ Church and St. Andrews for many years, with a team of 3, and they are about 30 -35 strong. They hold a regular men’s breakfast and have bi-monthly events with a strong focus on bringing a friend. They have also been taking a group to The Gathering for the last 4 years.

He has been on the fringe of CVM for a number of years, being encouraged and challenged by all the resources, books, DVDs, men’s days, 'ShedTalk' and other podcasts.

He is now looking forward to what God has in store for him as a CVM Area Coordinator.

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