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Chris Weatherall: Regional Director, England (South Central)

Chris WeatherallChris lives in Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire conveniently not too far from ‘The Gathering’ location, which is useful as he always forgets something every year such as; sleeping bag, change of clothes, money etc...

He is married since 1987 to Melanie and they have 4 great sons, Ben, Dan, Jake and Joe. Chris is currently working in the Medical Diagnostic and Molecular Biology business, although originally trained as a Mechanical Engineer. He still cannot remember how he ended up leaving the tools which he loved and ended up with a computer, but you have to accept life is a journey.

Chris came to faith like many others through an Alpha course, with the intent of proving God was not real. How wrong he was, as God met with him in an undeniable way and received the greatest gift any man (or woman) can imagine, to know more catch up with him at ‘The Gathering’ or at a CVM event.

He is an active member of the Church Leadership Team at St. Denys', an Anglican Church in Stanford in the Vale, involved in many missional activities across the community and wider Vale area. The youth work has amazed him at the potential for Kingdom growth but has also lead him towards becoming more focussed on Men’s ministry, as so often you meet the Mums but the Dads are not around or are lurking in the background. It is his desire to build the links with men to share the good news, seeing God grow men in our communities and across the nations.

His hobbies include anything that has an engine, goes fast, and/or scares you a little (or sometimes a lot), you have not done it before, or it raises that question in your mind, ‘do you think you can do that?’

He is looking forward to meeting all the area co-ordinators for South Central and working together growing our CVM network and is available to speak with any individuals, groups or churches so feel free to email or call him anytime.


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