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Book Recommendations

Looking for something to read? Here are a few suggestions

Night-Whispers - by Victor Robert Farrell

"…for fighters, that growing band of brothers who are no ragged or rag-tag remnant, but rather are the released people of 'The Revolution', that back to the Bible, boots on the ground, present movement of God who are done with everything that has silenced the one true church. He has a caveat that 'these are not for those who need a little ear tickle or a quick cuddle in the morning.' and certainly 'not for anyone of a nervous disposition'."

Bob Tyers, CVM Area Coordinator Nottingham & Derby

Faith Like Potatoes - By Angus Buchan

"It's the story of a farmer who risked everything for God. Someone gave me a copy when I was making the decision to go "full-time". It is hugely inspiring and encouraging! "

Paul Gask, CVM Leicester

Look and Live - By Matt Papa

"All of us live in the tension between where we are and where we ought to be. We try our best to bully our desires into submission. And we all know, this is exhausting.
The call in these pages is not to work or strive, but to lift your eyes. You dont need more willpower. You need a vision of greatness that sweeps you off your feet. You need to see glory."

Kami Kalsi, CVM Area Coordinator, East Cotswolds

Tails I Lose - by Justyn Rees Larcombe

Justyn is the son of Christian author Jennifer Rees Larcombe in his book "Tails I Lose" he describes the devastating affect that Gambling has had on his life, Starting from a free £5 bet he put on a rugby match he ended up losing his Wife Children and Home. If you thought gambling could never affect you "Think Again"

Ian Bartlett, GamServe

Why Men Hate Going To Church - By David Murrow

"Brilliant book which all church leaders should read. This made me realise that a church does not have to have a bar with booze in order to entice men into it!"

Paul Gask, CVM Leicester

The Soul of Football - By Mark Chester

"Mark Chester's take on football is one of experience, knowledge and a raw love of the game. Something that seems to come so naturally to Mark as it does to most Liverpudlian's. Mark uses his past experience's to shed light on what Christians can learn from footballing hot topics like, 'Following football', 'The greatest player on the planet' and 'The trials of a football fan'. This book is for you if you're a player or spectator of football. Or maybe you just want a thought provoking football orientated read."

Sam Lomas, CVM Intern

Prison Without Bars - By Graham Swann

"This book is changing people's lives. I see it on a daily basis. He's now a mate and brother and I know of many people who have been physically and emotionally abused whose lives have been changed as a result of reading this. I also remember him from my policing days! What a change because of Jesus!"

Paul Gask, CVM Leicester

Just Walk Across The Room - By Bill Hybels

"This book really empowered me to believe that I can and should be open to speak with strangers about my faith. I walked across a room and found myself sharing my faith with the 10th most senior Muslim Imam in the world.!"

Brian Green, CVM England (South West)

One Step Beyond - By Gram Seed

"The story of how God smashed into the life of football hooligan and criminal hard man Gram SEED who now runs the "Sowing Seeds" ministry in the North East of England which takes the gospel into predominantly young offenders institutions. This book had a profound effect on my life. Even more so given that once upon a time I was part of a police surveillance team when Gram was our target!"

Paul Gask, CVM Leicester

Chav Christianity - By Darren Edwards

"For me this "blows open" the perceptions of "church" being for the middle classes."

Paul Gask, CVM Leicester


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