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Bob Tyers: Notts. & Derbys. North

Bob Tyers

As a prototype baby boomer I have seen many shades and hues in life, and that's not a political statement. Early days with rationing, horse-drawn delivery wagons, steam radio and letter writing. Sing Something Simple was followed by jazz, blues, skiffle, rock, Cream and Kendrick. Cinema was replaced with TV and then multi-channel colour. Adding machines made way for computers. Home phones moved over for mobiles before conversation was made redundant by email, texting and messaging.

We have been variously told 'we never had it so good', to 'get on our bike' and 'tighten our belts'.

Apparently 'we had it all' and I trust we did some good with it. My upbringing in a loving church-going family no doubt saved me from the excesses of the period because I do remember the 60s.

I repaid my parents by moving on from my working class roots to some success in business and a nice home in the suburbs where, with my loving wife, we brought up a wonderful daughter and son. We were all involved in Christian youth work. For a large part of our lives this was our only connection to the organised church against which I had rebelled as a teenager.

The turn of the century brought massive changes in my life, early retirement - not totally of my choosing, collapse of pension value and worst of all the loss of my wife to leukaemia. In the midst of this I started to see just how God does work in mysterious ways.

He has given me a new theme tune – Seasick Steve's 'I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left', a new wife Helen who brought with her 2 more adult children and between our 4 kids we have amassed 8 grandchildren so far, a move out into the country, a new church and fellowship in the parish of Brinsley with Underwood and most importantly having done the Alpha course, which I dodged for years, a real relationship with my saviour Jesus.

I know he will use all the experiences life has given me in the house group I run with Helen, the men's group 'bwithu Piemen' and also in my role as CVM Area Coordinator for the Notts/Derbys border, or as locals will know it the M1 corridor in Erewash and Amber Valleys.

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