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Christian Vision for Men

Baptist Men's MOVEMENT

Back in 2014 Christian Vision for Men (CVM) and the Baptist Men's Movement (BMM) teamed up to help Christian men live out their faith and introduce their mates to Jesus.

And now with the winding down of the BMM, CVM have been fully handed over the task of raising up and supporting Christian men across the Baptist movement.

Walking in the steps of the legacy left by the Baptist Men’s Movement, CVM have been passed on the baton to continue to act as a catalyst for change by encouraging men to come together for friendship and discussion; by providing a network for individual men and local groups to strengthen their discipleship and witness, and to enable them to work together with a common purpose in the fellowship of the Gospel.

CVM do this using a range of resources: speakers list of over 250 evangelistic speakers - DVD training resources and church packs - free online Bible study resources - national training days - evangelistic resources/booklets - evangelistic summer camp - Bible reading notes for men and much, much more. CVM can help you reach men wherever they are.

If you would like one of the CVM team in your region to contact you to discuss with you men’s ministry ideas, please contact us.


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