Happy New Year and welcome to 2019 from all of the team.

2019 is a special time for us here at CVM and during the year you will be hearing lots from us, why? Well, it’s an important birthday!

CVM has existed for 30 years and we are pleased to say that all year we are going to be singing happy birthday to ourselves and building on a theme of ‘The Big 30.’

We are going to be running some celebration events across the UK where Beechy and I will be calling men together to come and hear the good news of Jesus Christ and get ourselves on the front foot of introducing 1 million men to Jesus.

The Big 30 for us is not only an important landmark, but it is a stark reminder of how God has kept CVM’s feet to the flame of the gospel for so long. We have recently seen this bible verse with fresh eyes, (funny how the Holy Spirit does that) and it will be the verse we sit with for the rest of 2019;

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..”

Romans 1:16

As we have travelled around the UK, so many men have got alongside us and the team and thanked us for being CVM. They often say a similar thing; ‘I get loads of encouragement knowing that guys are out there, unashamed of Jesus, it spurs me on to speak about him.’

That for me is essential. We believe that for the last 30 years CVM has been not just holding ground but year on year advancing with the gospel of Jesus across this nation. Some years we take hits and it feels like we have stepped backwards, but we never turn our backs and run. Other years we have felt like God’s favour moves, the CVM sail fills again and we gain momentum. We then go from defending the ground to claiming new ground and stepping further forward than we had before.

I don’t know how you have been connected with CVM, what it looks like for you or how it feels for you that CVM exists. But my hope and prayer is that as we move into 2019 together, to lead the charge as we turn 30, let’s be unashamed of the gospel together. Let’s keep Jesus front and centre together and see a nation of men hear the truth of Jesus, the Christ!