Code Odes

Code Ode 1: What’s a Code Ode?

Just a rhyme
That’s for our time.
Hate to use such words,
So much used by nerds,
But it’s a poem,
With somethin’ goin’
For it, for a change.
That seems strange.
I’m amazed–
They’re a joke
To your ordinary bloke.

Still don’t throw
Them in the can
Out of hand.
‘Cause we’ll show
They’re ones a man
Can understand.
They’re somethin’ noo,
But it’s old.
So what d’yer do
When you’re sold
Or download
A Code Ode?
D’yer need it?

Just read it.
If yer like it.
Recite it.
Take a look at it;
Face book a bit.
That’s neat, that bit.
Then tweet that bit.
Nice to go viral
In a slow,
Upward spiral.
Better than bacterial
But no,
That’s immaterial.

Rap it
Or zap it.
Use it
Or lose it.
Spread it,
Shed it
Or shred it.
Just don’t edit—

Code Ode 2: The Fool

Read Luke ch 12 v 13-21.

Time’s nearly gone
Since it spoke,
And since it broke
Through the spell,
And through my well
Trusted rules.
A busted fool,
I’ve bin’ caught.
It stopped me short.
In my eyes
I’m so the wise,
The cool one.

I lately said,
“Man of wealth,
You’re in good health.
Now’s your time,
You’re in your prime.”
Aimed with pride
To set aside
Treasure, stored
Up safe, secured,
Future proofed,
A bomb-proof roof

“Just get it done,
Lay it down
By pound for pound-
‘Earn n’grow
Fatly sat,
Be like the cat,
With the cream,
With one big beam
On your face.
Go, get your place
In the sun.”

That’s when It spoke-
Voice of God,
It gave the nod-
No warning-
That by morning,
So It said,
I’ll then be dead.
Won’t be here,
But, full of fear,
I’ll be there.
And that is where
I’ll be broke!

Look out for more Code Odes on the Wednesday Blog. If you see one coming early enough, maybe you can duck and avoid it.