It’s time to take your head out of the sand

Do you find yourself going round in loops of negative thoughts?
You push them away only to find you’re back in the loop when you least expect it.
You can’t seem to get rid of it and it leaves you feeling down and anxious with no real desire to talk with God.

What’s going on? Is this how God wants me to feel? I know God’s in control but it doesn’t feel like it, perhaps he’s busy somewhere else.

Then in my cry of help, where are you God? He reminds me of the other person trying to control my life … Satan!

Yes, I’d forgotten about him. To be honest I’d never really taken his influence that seriously, after all Jesus has defeated him (Col. 2:15).
With a little bit more reading especially from Paul’s letters I realise I’ve been playing right into Satan’s hands. The more I don’t acknowledge his influence the easier it is for him to undermine me and leave me feeling fearful and distant from God.

Satan wants people to believe that he is not active today.

Paul says; (1 Pet. 4:8) ‘Your enemy the Devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.’

If Satan went after Jesus, he will certainly come after me. So it’s time to be prepared. First thing to do is to take my head out of the sand and realise I’m in a battle and need to stand up and fight.

I know that he will use my weaknesses, things I repeatedly fail at and also my strengths as opportunities for pride. That he daily baits his hook with tailor made temptations. But we have God’s word, we have his promises, his truth, our trust and now more awareness of Satan’s tactics.

Some days I know I will fail and bite on his hook but now it won’t be from ignorance and it may take me down but not out because this battle is one we can take to Jesus and know we can win.

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