He is finishing strong – will we?

Billy Graham turned 93 in November 2011 and is still as passionate about telling people about Jesus Christ, his Saviour, as when he first started to preach at crusade style meetings in 1947.

He is struggling with failing eyesight and hearing, but his evangelistic drive has not diminished, he still wants to get the message across. Recently he has used modern technology to preach in Spain and Portugal, two countries he was never able to reach when he was active in ministry. He has also just published a book entitled, ‘Nearing Home’.

‘Nearing Home’ will have much to say to us as we move through our senior years and from it we might learn how Billy has been inspired and guided through his life of Christian service.

He is confident that God still has plans for him and we can take this as encouragement that God can still use us at whatever age we are.

As we move through 2012, we may wish to reflect that:

  • There is no retirement when working for God’s Kingdom
  • God sees us as valuable to Him in His service whatever our physical state or age is
  • He wants us to finish strong through the strength He gives
  • He wants us to teach our following generations, so that they can teach their children and thus pass the baton from generation to generation to generation.

That is our task and challenge for 2012, so are we ready to pick up the baton and be Christ’s messengers?

It will be interesting and encouraging to hear your experiences.

Buy the book on Amazon: Nearing Home – Thoughts on Life, Faith and Finishing Well