You are not alone  Humanity has searched to answer the question, is there life out there somewhere?   This question throws us into the very depths of space and its mind-bending size and reach, and year after year the answer is, no. We are alone and we still haven’t found evidence of life beyond this planet.  […]


Hiraeth (Here-eyeth) is one of those words in Welsh that doesn’t have a specific equivalent translation into English. The nearest you can get is ‘Longing for one’s home’ and frankly ‘Home-sickness’ really doesn’t come up to scratch. An example I remember being told of was an aunty of mine who had married and moved to […]

Trust me

‘It was a question of trust’ On the end of a bungee rope will it really take the weight or does a fate worse than that which could happen – happen! Who or what is being trusted? Is it the Bungee Jumping organisation to whom so much trust is being put in, or is it […]

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