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Beredi Dusan: CVM Serbia

Beredi Dusan

Bera grew up in a Communist family. As a young man he realised he wasn't 'good', so he decided to be as 'bad' as possible, reading books and listening to music about Satan and violence. At 15 he started to drink, smoke and take drugs. After high school he joined the Army where alcohol was freely available, and ended up addicted to alcohol with no hope or meaning for his life.

One day a drinking friend from the army sent him some Christian leaflets, saying that becoming a Christian had changed his life. When Bera left the Army his friend started to tell him about Jesus, even though Bera was sometimes completely drunk! Bera realised that he needed to find a purpose for his life or he'd end up dying.

One morning after a drinking spree, Bera cried out to God … "If you exist, help me. I can't take this." His friend invited him to church and on Christmas Day 1993, Bera walked into a church for the first time. It was a huge surprise - full of happy young people, neither dark or boring as he'd expected, and he was warmly greeted even though he was frowning with hands that were shaking because of his alcohol addiction.

During the service he was told him that Jesus could help him, heal him, and give him a new start. That evening Bera decided he wanted to be a Christian, but he didn't know how. A few days later he recited a couple of verses of the Lord's prayer that he heard and suddenly lost his desire for alcohol. After that Bera couldn't stop reading the Bible and had a strong desire to be among Christians.

Today, many years later, he is still alcohol free, and is married to Miriana with a son and a daughter. He is the lead pastor at Novi Sad Christian Fellowship, one of the largest churches in Serbia. He is also the vice-president of the Evangelical Alliance of Serbia, and leads the Rainbow Centre, a rehabilitation centre for Heroin Addicts.

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