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Renton Baker: Luton

Renton Baker

Renton Baker's life spiralled out of control when his father died of cancer. He was drawn into football violence, and it was here that he started to live a double life. Renton's love of violence on the football terraces, streets, pubs and clubs across England became too strong for him to resist.

A young man who led a double life as a loving husband and father and as a heartless thug, Renton didn't care what damage he inflicted on his rivals. Until God showed him in a dramatic way that love and not hatred was the way forward. Renton always thought that he was surrounded by tough people on the street until he met some faithful Christians who were willing to step up to the front line in terms of their faith.

After eighteen months of his new Christian life Renton was dragged back into his old world.
Renton found himself back in the police cells and facing a potential six year prison sentence. It was during his time in the police cell that he cried out to God and promised that if he was to be in prison, then he would serve God there.
Eventually after a very long process Renton received a two year suspended prison sentence. Amazingly seven years later God called Renton to work in prison ministry and he did so for two years.

Renton and his wife Wendy have been together for 37 years and have three sons who are all happily married and have given Renton and Wendy six beautiful grandchildren.
Renton and Wendy worship at Luton Christian Fellowship.
Renton still enjoys his watching his beloved Arsenal FC although his visits to the Emirates Stadium are a lot more peaceful now. Thank God!

"I have spent nearly all of my working life as a bricklayer and it was there that I first realised my passion to spread The Gospel, so much so that I was given a new nickname of 'The Bishop'.
After nearly two years of serving God in the prison environment I felt God calling me back to working in the construction industry.
This allows me more time to really fellowship with my Church family and to be more active within the men's ministry there at Luton Christian Fellowship.
My dream is to see the Church across our nation filled with men who have realised their purpose in serving God for His Glory"

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