The 10 Most Important Things You Need To Know In Life (Pt 3/10)

OK, welcome back, we are now in at no.8 on Aseem’s list from the Observer a couple of years back. This is be resourceful. Actually, Aseem called it something like being born with all the knowledge and skills you need.

I am not sure that the title helps to be honest, as we don’t have any of that when we are born, we learn it, and we are taught it. But I do think there is a balance between finding out who we are by the joys, wins and failures in life against the ‘keep them wrapped up in cotton wool’ model.

So, what does this look like from the perspective of a Christian bloke trying to forge his journey in life with God?
I actually think Jesus modelled resourcefulness a lot to the disciples. Jesus borrowed places to sleep, he used his surrounding to write in the sand and teach, or push out in a boat to gain a good platform to speak to the crowds. Jesus was mindful about other peoples needs and was resourceful in how he met those needs. Feeding thousands, turning water into wine at a wedding – Jesus was a resourceful man.

In Aseem’s top ten most important things you need to know in life he suggests the path to resourcefulness is ‘risk.’ Doing stuff that pushes us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. I like that.

If we define ‘resourceful’ as having the ability to think clearly and overcome problems and difficulties, then Aseem is right, this needs to be forged in trial, challenge and adversity.

What about us then, what does this mean for you today at home or at work? Well, I think it means courage, when the challenges come we welcome them as an opportunity to grow, be forged and shaped as resourceful men.

I don’t always think we need to find a separate ‘deep spiritual’ perspective here that is different from the two arenas I have just mentioned, your family and your work place are spiritual arenas calling out for men of God to operate within them.

Courage men, follow Jesus, learn from HIS ability to overcome, and may our lives reflect HIS life in our resourcefulness today.


Image Credit: Braden Barwich