God’s Not Dead

Is God dead? Not in academia. As someone who teaches philosophy at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, Vince Vitale is well placed to know what the top scholarship says about God.

Vince shows how in the fields of philosophy and sociology, God is very much alive. If you think intellectual objections undermine belief in God, Vince suggests that you may be unaware of the arguments at the highest level.

  • Tom Brown

    I think Vince needs to establish that God has ever existed in anything other than the mind of man before moving on to wether or not he is alive.

  • For more on Vince, Tom, check out http://www.rzim.eu/topics/vince-vitale

    Watch out for a new book by him on the Problem of Evil (co-authored with Ravi Zacharias, and coming out later this year I think).