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Potty Training

Did you know that in this day and age you can buy a toilet seat that closes slowly so it doesn’t slam down? That’s right! Instead of risking a toilet seat slam, as it’s known in the trade, you can release the seat at it’s apex, safe in the knowledge that 5-10 seconds later it […]

A Tale of Two Sons

I have two beautiful nieces and one terrifying nephew. They are all under six and all hail from the same womb. Said womb and womb mate couldn’t attend church one morning so Anna and I offered to take the kids to church for them. I ended up with Molly who is 20 months, the mathematicians […]

5 Aside Fury

You want to see me angry? Come and watch me play 5aside. It might not happen every week but come a few weeks in a row and sure enough the incredible sulk will appear. The source of my anger? Me. Although if you are participating you might think my childish strops are directed at others. […]