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Trickle Down

In 2011, 60% of the world’s 1 billion ‘extremely poor people’ lived in 5 countries- India, Nigeria, China, Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This statistic indicates that ‘trickle down’ is not a very effective agent of economic development! From my own experience of working in the developing world as a civil engineer I […]


When you’re 50+, if you haven’t already, sooner or later chances are you’ll hear new expressions from the medical profession relating to your body’s decline. For me it’s my bones, specifically my knees. I have run all my life and love to be jogging on the beach or in the woods or even the mindless […]


“Men’s Retreats” may be a thing of the past if a trend to call them “Men’s Advances” takes off! This spring men from my Dutch expat church (APCH) were again kindly invited to share fellowship, discipleship and worship with a similar church in Surrey (ICC). Initially there was a lack of take-up our end but […]

A Weapon of Peace

A Roman soldier saw a beggar by the roadside on a cold day, the soldier split his cloak in two with his sword, and gave half the cloak to the beggar. The soldier became the first `chaplain` as this was the word for cloak. Today we have chaplains in the military, in hospitals, in universities, […]

No Soft Option

Jesus said,”Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies it produces many seeds.” He said this a few days before he died. Crucifixion was no soft option. Nor does he offer us an easy path. Jesus challenges us to complete commitment to […]