Brocken spectres, mountains and the unexpected

I love chilling out in the mountains and relaxing with God. So when both activities happen at the same time I am in my element!

God seems to be asking me to relax with him more and more. I just sit down and enjoy his company, praise him for his creation and even share a joke with him.

Last week I was having a chuckle with God down the garden and a sparrow came and perched on my elbow, that is certainly a first for me!

I love the unexpected in the mountains, twice I have seen a brocken spectre…….that is when you see a large shadow of yourself on a misty cloud bank below you, when the sun is directly behind you.
The first time was on the top of Crib Goch in the 1980’s and the second time was about 4 years ago when I was on a cycle ride in the Yorkshire Wolds.

In my experence the best views in the mountains are unexpected and happen when I have left my camera at home!

The Christian life is about having a close friendship with God, this includes relaxing with him and expecting the unexpected?

  • Jim Roberts

    Over these years of my life I have heard discussed many times the words of Jesus on the cross, “My Lord My Lord, why has thou forsaken me?”. The discussions always seem to describe this as that he had lost his faith.
    I say this, I believe it was a statement not a question, in the light of exclamation that he is being forsaken for the gracious most powerful cause. Thereby praising his Father for this of all, the greatest cause. This puts a new light on the great unsurpassed faith and strength of our Lord Jesus the Christ.